HD Converter Box Offer (USA ONLY)

Ran across this information, and I thought I would pass it along. I went ahead sign up to get the coupon for the $40.00 (USD) off of the HD converter box for February 18, 2009. This is when all USA television stations change over to Digital signal, and not analog signal. If, by 02-18-09, you have not changed your tv sets to digital you will not receive any stations. This has been in the news, and on web sites now for 5 years. SO, people have had enough notice about the new requirements for the change. If, you do not have DISH NETWORK, DIRECTV, LOCAL CABLE, then you must either update your tvs to digital turners, or get the coupon for the $40.00 (USD) off of a outside digital converter box to be connected to your old tvs in your house, condo, or apartment. The digital converter box, looks like a cable box attached to your tv. The coupon offer is limited time offer! Not offer after, or right before the changes, so take up on the offer if you need to, by the time the changes take place, no converter boxes will be offer, and you will have to buy a new digital tv! Check with family members to see if they need the coupon too!

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/32905/94085&embedId=10048213&locale=en]


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