The Future of Television is Quickly Coming Up

Less than a year we all will see major changes in the way we watch, tape, record, and  listen to on our TV sets.  Just remember, when you update your tv set to the new HDTV formats you change all your plugs into most HDTV sets to HDMI plugs, and not RCA jacks. So, your older DVD players, DVD recorders, Camcorders, and anything else that uses the RCA cables will thrown out the door. You can buy boxes to convert the RCA to HDMI output, but they are only now available online, or on ebay! So, before you buy your next Camcorder, or DVD play mark sure it HDMI cable ready, or able to be converted to digital format soon! Also, make sure to transfer all those VHS, and MINI DV tapes to your HARD DRIVE ASAP, as they will be out of date in 2009. You can buy converters RCA to USB  to transfer all  analog to  your computer (Digital).  They will be gone too in 2009!


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