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TV ADS: Nike Ad Kobe Bryant jumps over Aston Martin

This video is just WOW! Watch the video!

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Madonna – The Beat Goes On (Video/Mp3)

I like this type of song from Madonna! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: Madonna’s Hard Candy Teaser Ad

I can not wait until the album is ready! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: The Life Before Her

Drama story set back in time about a women who changed everything in a matter of mintues to what her life would be, and then flashback to the time she made the change! Watch the video!

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Fergie – Fergalicious Lip Sync

When I ran across this video the other day, I was on the floor laughing out loud durning the whole video! I wanted to share this with all my bloggers worldwide, and make your day too! Watch this video!

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Kat Deluna- Run The Show (featuring Busta Rhymes)

A great dance, and work out song for the gym! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: There Will Be Blood

Drama Movie about gaining control over oil fields in the early days of America! Watch the video!

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