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Betty Davis – Anti Love Song (1973) (Video/Mp3)

Even that this is an older recording, the song’s words, and sounds, are like it is a new release for today’s artists! Watch the video!

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Hero Lip Sync Video

Two guys who must realy love the song! Watch the video!

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I want it that way lip sync

One of the famous internet videos of two Asian guys lip-syncing to “I want It That Way”! Watch The Video!

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Spice Girls Lip Sync

Two crazy guys, who have more time on the net, then say myself! Watch the video!

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Indian Thriller

I saw this, and I thought it was something to Laugh Out Loud about! WOW! And, this a real on top of it! Check out the video!

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Amy Winehouse -You Know I’m No Good

Same style as her other hits! This is much slower song for her! Watch the video!

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Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes Remix (MP3/VIDEO)

This is a remix of the song! Watch the video!

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