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TV Ads: Snuggles Dryer Sheets Ad

This ad is from the 90’s. I am sure we all seen these ads all the time durning soap operas in the USA. Watch the video!

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Eurythmics – Revival

Classic 90’s song from the duo! Watch the video!

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TV Ads: Brycreem ‘Effortless’ Tv Ad

This is art, and funny tv ad! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: Learn English

I was on the floor laughing out so loud! Watch the video!

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Fergie – Fergalicious Lip Sync

When I ran across this video the other day, I was on the floor laughing out loud durning the whole video! I wanted to share this with all my bloggers worldwide, and make your day too! Watch this video!

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Paula Abdul – Straight Up

This classic music video from the 90’s will get you moving! Watch the video!

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Great EUEODANCE hit from the 90’s! Watch the video!

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