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Back To Da Beach – Douchbag Beach

Great internet show! Watch it here!

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Memorial Day “laffy taffy” Dance Video

On this Memorial Day In the USA. I just want to give a heart-well thanks to all the men, and women who die for my freedoms I have in my loved country, USA!

I, also want to give thanks to men, and women of all military ranks for the work they are doing around the world for all Americans! THANK YOU! AND, I DO SUPPORT YOU!

Please, make sure to stop a military person today, and tell them “thank you”, and give them a hug. Tell them how much it means to you on what they are doing! You will get a warm smile back!

Here is a video to help you remember our USA troops all over the world, it is just some men dancing to a song we all know……

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“Thank YOU!”

Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine

This song was written for the lead singer’s father. I love this song! Watch the video!

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Lip Sync)

I found this video in my collection, and I thought we all need to go back to good times as a kid to be thankful for what we have now! Watch this video!

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Numa Numa (Lip Sync)

I thought this video was funny with the two boys doing the video! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: Madonna’s Hard Candy Teaser Ad

I can not wait until the album is ready! Watch the video!

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This is the most talked about film in a long time. Watch the video!

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