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Peter Schilling – Major Tom

Big German Pop Hit, that came across the ocean to Amnerica. It made it way into the Pop radio stations, and die a slow death! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: VW Beetle Ad

I love these older car commericals! Watch this one!

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Tony Carey – Cold War Kids

Nice Slow Rock-Pop Song from German Music Artist! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: McDonalds Heidi alte Werbung Klassiker Deutsch

I take off from the HEIDI movies! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: Spot Nuova Volkswagen Golf 5

Bring back the old school stuff to a new group of fans with this video! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: Surveillance

“I know who you are?” is a line from the film! Watch the video!

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TV ADS: Fiat Bravo Ad

German Fiat Ad! Watch the video!

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