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Eurythmics – Revival

Classic 90’s song from the duo! Watch the video!

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Sir Mixalot – Baby Got Back

I am sure alot of people will remember this song! Watch the video!

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700th Show!!!! Thank You!!!!

I just want to thank everyone for viewing this blog, and all the videos that are posted to it!

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TV ADS: VW Beetle Ad

I love these older car commericals! Watch this one!

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Randy Travis – I Told You So

Great Country Singer From USA. Watch this video!

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ABBA – The Name of The Game

One of the best bands! Watch this video!

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Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash

This group keeps on ROCKING ‘N ROLLING ALL THE TIME! I think we will see them 20 years from now with another 30 more albums! Watch the video!

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