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Rihanna feat Bisbal – Hate that I love you

Great Spanish – English Love Song! Nicely Done! Watch the video!

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Nelly feat Fergie – Party People

Great party song, and top of the song you have Nelly, and Fergie all in one song! Check out the video!

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Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes Remix (MP3/VIDEO)

This is a remix of the song! Watch the video!

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Gwen Stefani Feat Damian Jr Gong Marley – Now That You Got I

I love th colors they used in this video, and the beats are great to dance too! Watch the video!

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Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes (VIDEO)

This is one of the most talked about music videos in a long time. I know that tons of people who view this videcast have listen to the .mp3 file on here, now this is the video to the song! WATCH THE VIDEO!

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Flo Rida Feat. Timbaland – Elevator

This is another song from two hit guys! Watch the video!

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