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Movie Trailer: House Of The Dead

I thought this movie was well made for being a low budget horror film! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: The Handmaid’s Tale (1990)

Oh, no! Women who can not have children! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: ZOMBIE STRIPPERS (2008)

Looks like light funny horror film for the summer movie going public! Watch the video!

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Michael Jackson – Thriller

I, remembering staying up so late to see the new video, on a FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS on NBC (USA). I remember, seeing the whole thing, and then it just took off after everyone got to see the whole video on MTV later the next weekend. WOW! I though to myself, this guy is going to change the music as we know it now. He did for the whole album made history! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: Surveillance

“I know who you are?” is a line from the film! Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: Red Dragon (2002)

The is creepy film about the beginings of the story lines that set everything up to Silent Of The Lambs. Watch the video!

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Movie Trailer: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Now, this looks like ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW on drugs! It does looks like it will be a big hit! Music, and horror is always been a big box office hit! Watch the video!

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