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Indian Thriller

I saw this, and I thought it was something to Laugh Out Loud about! WOW! And, this a real on top of it! Check out the video!

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TV ADS: 2008 SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad

One of the best ad I have seen that use CGI, and real live person! Watch the video!

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Michael Jackson – Thriller

I, remembering staying up so late to see the new video, on a FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS on NBC (USA). I remember, seeing the whole thing, and then it just took off after everyone got to see the whole video on MTV later the next weekend. WOW! I though to myself, this guy is going to change the music as we know it now. He did for the whole album made history! Watch the video!

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Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Live)

This is the live version of the hot hit song. Michael does have his feet always moving! Watch the video!

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Diana Ross – Upside Down

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Diana Ross – Upside Down

One of the most played tunes by Diana Ross! This video is from a live tv show in the 80’s, and it does have Michael Jackson in the end of it! Check out this video, and sing along!

Janet Jackson – Runaway

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