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Eurythmics – Revival

Classic 90’s song from the duo! Watch the video!

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700th Show!!!! Thank You!!!!

I just want to thank everyone for viewing this blog, and all the videos that are posted to it!

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Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

This is one song that I like from Amy! I think she has musical talents, but her personal life gets me turned off from her music! Watch the video!

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Stronger Kanye West Lip Sync

I thought this young guy, did a very good job at lip syncing to the song! Watch the video!

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Betty Davis – Anti Love Song (1973) (Video/Mp3)

Even that this is an older recording, the song’s words, and sounds, are like it is a new release for today’s artists! Watch the video!

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Mariah Carey – Touch My Body Remix (Mp3/Video)

Hit song, that has been remixed for you! Watch the video!

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Beyonce – Still In Love

New direction for Beyonce! Soulful music from the heart, and not a dance hit. This may play well, to know this artist has talent, and can jump around in musical styles. Watch the video!

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