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Chasing Bailey – Little By Little

Great little song! It is between Rock, Pop, Country! Watch the video!

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Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine

This song was written for the lead singer’s father. I love this song! Watch the video!

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Cheap Trick – Surrender

One of the bands that keep on going after all the years of hits! Watch this live video!

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Tony Carey – Cold War Kids

Nice Slow Rock-Pop Song from German Music Artist! Watch the video!

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MJ Hibbett – Do The Indie Kid

Do you know how to do the Indie Kid dance? Watch the video!

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Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash

This group keeps on ROCKING ‘N ROLLING ALL THE TIME! I think we will see them 20 years from now with another 30 more albums! Watch the video!

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Miracle Fortress – Have You Seen In Your Dreams

New up coming band, I like how they make the video, I am sure with little, or no money! Watch the video!

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