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Eurythmics – Revival

Classic 90’s song from the duo! Watch the video!

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Santana – Smooth

Great song to smooth the hot summer days, and warm the cold winter nights! Great party song! Watch the video!

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Cover Start Me Up – Tay Zonday

I like this video remade by someone off the street. Gives new life to a classic song! Watch the video!

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Alexis Strum – Bad Haircut

I like this song, but the video could been better! Watch the video!

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Betty Davis – Anti Love Song (1973) (Video/Mp3)

Even that this is an older recording, the song’s words, and sounds, are like it is a new release for today’s artists! Watch the video!

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Rihanna feat Bisbal – Hate that I love you

Great Spanish – English Love Song! Nicely Done! Watch the video!

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Amy Winehouse -You Know I’m No Good

Same style as her other hits! This is much slower song for her! Watch the video!

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