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MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

A Classic music video, and song from the 80’s! Watch the video!

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Faker – This Heart Attack

Reminds me of the 80’s style of music! This band is a up, and coming band! Watch the video!

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This Boys In Love – The Presets

Great band that has been feature in the hit tv show Queer As Folks. Watch the video!

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Maroon 5 – This love

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Maroon 5 – This love

Great song from a great band for the new age! THis song got me the first time I hears it on the radio. The words, and the video are perfect for each other! Check out the video today!

Weird Al Yankovic-This Is The Life

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Weird Al Yankovic-This Is The Life

Great song with a catchy beat! He is a wonder for the music business! Keeps people knowing songs, and his humor! Enjoy the video!