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Yves Larock – By Your Side (Video/Mp3)

Great background photos with a great song! Watch the video!

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Great EUEODANCE hit from the 90’s! Watch the video!

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Kylie Minogue – In Your Eyes

One of the world hits coming from this Soap Star! Watch the video!

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Sum 41 – Open Your Eyes (MP3/VIDEO)

This is a new song by a group that has climb up the charts in the past few days! Watch the video!

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Miracle Fortress – Have You Seen In Your Dreams

New up coming band, I like how they make the video, I am sure with little, or no money! Watch the video!

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2 Unlimited – Let the beat control your body

This group made a splash with local dance clubs across the world in the early 90’s! Watch the video!

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Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

Classic video with all the 70’s hair, and clothing! Watch this video!

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